Welcome to Unleashed Therapeutic Dog Massage

Therapeutic Massage is beneficial on so many levels and this is a fabulous gift for our four-legged buddies who give us unconditional love every day.

Help Fatigue

Just as people feel fatigued or sore after long workouts, or recovery from injuries and can use a little rejuvenation, your dog is just as tired and needs rejuvenation and rehabilitation, same as you!

Decrease Pain

When dogs have postural discrepancies or gait issues (a pattern of walking that involves balance and coordination of muscles so that the body is propelled forward in a rhythm) coordinating muscle groups may get overly fatigued.


Meet Teresa

Let me assist you in getting your furry pal back to a healthy state preventing delayed onset muscle soreness, decreasing pain and improving recovery so that you can both enjoy your next adventure together.


"I love my hikes and Teresa helps keep me fit and active."

– Bear E.