Make a Reservation

Your dog is ready for their massage?

Simply email me and we can schedule a time that works for you and your dog. I will come to your home so your dog is at the highest level of relaxation. Your dog must be people-friendly and enjoy being touched. 

Prior to appointment, I will have the owner fill out a health questionnaire, get an OK from vet that your dog is a candidate for massage, and I will want to know if your dog has any “triggers”. 

We will take a moment before the massage so you can explain any concerns or any areas of sensitivity in which I should be aware. And, of course, I am very good at reading canine communication, so I will listen to what they are telling me during the massage.

The massage appointment will take somewhere between 45-60 minutes depending on whether your dog is a new client or we are old friends.

I am excited to be part of your dog’s wellness path!


"I just had a puppy massage and I'm ready for some more fun."

– Ozzie T.